We are hiring an Intern Event Photographer in Islamabad

Ever wanted to capture bloggers and copywriters?

Hiwrita Copywriting Agency is hiring an Intern Event Photographer for a 3 to 6 month period.

As an intern, you’ll be covering the agency’s events in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. But not every day. Each month we organize less than four events, on weekends. So, enough time to be creative.

Apply through our Facebook page or send your resume at imran@hiwrita.com.

Criteria: 1. You have to have a camera. 2. A passion for photography. 3. Respect for writers.

Note: This is an unpaid internship and won’t lead to any contract or permanent job position

How to get high-paying copywriting clients? | Copywriting Q&A 101

How to get high-paying copywriting clients?

Wondering how to get high-paying copywriting clients? Clients that pay well and love your work? If it is so you are in the right place. Follow these five steps to get high-paying copywriting clients.

1. Determine Your Copywriting Niche:

Be an expert on something, one or two things. Don’t claim to be the master of everything. Widen up your hiring (getting clients) chances by narrowing down your specialties.

2. Make a Business Plan:

Stop Pitch, Pitch, Pitch race and make a long-term business plan. Without a long-term business plan, you can’t do business.

3. Create Your Portfolio:

Not your resume or everything you did so far but the best of you. Make it accessible through one click. You can build your portfolio on LinkedIn, Clear Voice or on a Google Doc. Also, you can create a portfolio on Contently, check out mine here.

4. Set Your Rates:

Compare your rates with your international friends’ rates and see the difference. Learn the maximum and minimum rates of a particular product, say a 500-word copy or a blog post. Set your per word and per day rates. And if you don’t have any copywriting friends, use this Freelance Rates Calculator from the Freelancer by Contently.

5. Pitch Like A Pro:

Freelancing is your business, not a job. Don’t ask people to hire you. Tell them you can solve their problems and if they are interested they can work with you.

This is how you get (or at least start getting) high-paying copywriting clients.

If you want to know answers to more such questions?

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8 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile In 2019 – With Examples

Do you know there are over 610 million users on LinkedIn?

And among these, 3 million are CMOs (chief marketing officers) who share more content, follow more companies and participate in more discussion than the average member.

Yet thousands of CMOs and millions of average users don’t know how to be the most effective on LinkedIn?

Do these eight things to instantly create an irresistible presence on LinkedIn and use it to get most out of this multi-million user platform.

1. Profile Picture:

Choose a friendly yet professional-looking picture and then stick to it. Think of it as your logo. Example: Check my friend Rafia’s profile photo. It’s both friendly and professional-looing.

2. Custom URL:

LinkedIn assigns you a unique number when you create an account. Edit it to the shortest and simplest available URL based on your name. Example: My URL is LinkedIn.com/in/imrankhushal.

3. Headline: 

Usually, it’s the title of your last job. Change it to show your core expertise.  Example: My friend Suman has a great headline that reads “business communication, soft skills trainer, certified coach.”

4. Summary:

Share what you are. Where you were and how you reached here. Also, share why you do what you do. Don’t be afraid to express your true self. Example: My summary:

I am an SEO copywriter and founder of Hiwrita Copywriting Agency Islamabad, Pakistan.

I left S&P Global Market Intelligence in 2018 as a journalist to build Hiwrita and help businesses with their copywriting needs.

When I'm not writing copy, I work on my Ph.D. thesis and contribute to the Daily Times and Dawn News.

Looking for a copywriter or need a copy that communicates, captivates and converts?

Let's talk!

5. Experience:

My experience mentions only the most relevant past roles and explains how each contributed to what I am today. Your experience shouldn’t include everything you did in the past. Example: Have a look at my experience.

6. Multimedia:

If you have visited my profile you would have noticed that I have images and URLs of what I contributed to different publications as a journalist and writer. You too should add multimedia to show your strengths. Example: Have a look at my media section.

7. Keywords: 

In LinkedIn everything you write in different profile sections is searchable. This means others can search you through their LinkedIn search option as well as through search engines like Google. Therefore it’s important that you optimize your profile against specific keywords. Example: When you search career adviser in Dubai, it’s Sohaib Hasan who comes at the top.

8. Engage: 

Share quality content, follow companies that matter to you and participate in discussions that you can add to. Example: See how my friend Kristina’s shares great content and engages in discussions.


If you are looking to optimize your LinkedIn profile, here’s good news for you. I have just created a gig on Fiverr to help our international friends with their LinkedIn profiles. Order from anywhere around the world and get your profile optimized instantly.

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