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We mentor young scholars in their academic research and aspiring writers in their pursuit to become professionals. We help businesses with their content needs.

Who is it for?

Research Mentoring is for young scholars to help them finish writing their theses on time. Writing Coaching is for aspiring writers, blogger, copywriters and anyone willing to learn the write of effective business writing. Content Solutions are for bossiness needing content for their branding and marketing needs from website content to social media copies.


Imran Khushal - Founder

Imran Khushal


Imran is a journalist, writing coach and a Ph.D. IR scholar. He loves helping individuals and businesses with their research and writing needs.

Khalid Saifullah - Director

Khalid Saifullah

Director Research

Khalid is a development sector expert and author of Gramsci, Hegemony and Civil Society in Pakistan. He is a Ph.D. IR scholar and director Hiwrita.

Azhar Waqar - Director

Azhar Waqar

Director Content

Azhar is a research associate at PICSS and content director at Hiwrita. He worked with Pakistan’s leading news channels. He holds a MPhil IDS. 

Research Mentoring -

Why Us for Mentoring?

We know that research and writing are difficult tasks. We also know the only way you can master research and write better is doing it with an expert. This is why we’ve brought research mentoring to help you finish your academic projects on time and writing coaching to help you become a professional writer.

Why Us for content solutions?

We are known for the content that converts. As seasoned researchers, we make sure every word we write for you must help your brand stand out and boost your revenue. Here we help you with your branding and marketing content needs, from insightful slogans to copies that sell. - About Us

What People Say?

Hiwrita is a team of professionals solving multifarious problems. I recommend the learners to do join HiWrita to successfully plunge into the sea of knowledge.
Jamil Reviews Hiwrita
Jamil Ur Rehman
The instructors are really helping. I highly recommend this site for the students who are facing problems in doing their thesis or research works.
Kahkashan Noor
[Hiwrita] is great. I have learnt many new things...every minute detail is given by the instructor. So finally I can say that this is my best choice.
Faiza Khurshid Reviews Hiwrita
Faiza Khurshid

Get it from the best

Whether its research mentoring, writing coaching or help with your content needs, get it from the best. We make sure every researcher finishes her research on time, every aspiring writer becomes a professional and every business gets the best content for its branding and marketing needs. 

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