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How to get high-paying copywriting clients?

Wondering how to get high-paying copywriting clients? Clients that pay well and love your work? If it is so you are in the right place. Follow these five steps to get high-paying copywriting clients.

1. Determine Your Copywriting Niche:

Be an expert on something, one or two things. Don’t claim to be the master of everything. Widen up your hiring (getting clients) chances by narrowing down your specialties.

2. Make a Business Plan:

Stop Pitch, Pitch, Pitch race and make a long-term business plan. Without a long-term business plan, you can’t do business.

3. Create Your Portfolio:

Not your resume or everything you did so far but the best of you. Make it accessible through one click. You can build your portfolio on LinkedIn, Clear Voice or on a Google Doc. Also, you can create a portfolio on Contently, check out mine here.

4. Set Your Rates:

Compare your rates with your international friends’ rates and see the difference. Learn the maximum and minimum rates of a particular product, say a 500-word copy or a blog post. Set your per word and per day rates. And if you don’t have any copywriting friends, use this Freelance Rates Calculator from the Freelancer by Contently.

5. Pitch Like A Pro:

Freelancing is your business, not a job. Don’t ask people to hire you. Tell them you can solve their problems and if they are interested they can work with you.

This is how you get (or at least start getting) high-paying copywriting clients.

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