Blog Writing Coaching

Are you an aspiring blogger and want to master the art of writing viral blog posts?

If so, HIWRITA BLOG WRITING COACH is just for you to learn all the skills that go into writing a successful blog.

This program will teach you everything you need to become a professional blogger.

By the end of your coaching, you’ll be able to:
Understand four levels of blog writing
Write viral blog posts
Craft killer headings
Write engaging intros
Create persuasive discussions
Write perfect conclusions (And master the following skills)

BONUS: If you make that far, we’ll also help you write for leading Pakistani newspapers and media houses including Dawn, Express, the Daily Times, and Samaa TV.

Step 1. We’ll assess your needs.

Step 2. We’ll propose a coaching duration of one to several weeks and if needed a few months.

Step 3. We’ll mentor, providing customized and 100% organic feedback on your blog exercises.

Step 4. We’ll wind up your coaching, providing a map on how you can start a successful blog.

Step 5. We’ll conclude, providing additional guidance on how you can blog for leading media houses and market places like Upwork and Fiverr.

People wanting to improve their #WritingEfficiency
People wanting to grow their #Blogs
People wanting to start a #BloggingBusiness

Imran Khushal is a journalist, research and writing trainer and a Ph.D. International Relations scholar.

He contributes to several national and international media houses including the Daily Times and Dawn News.

Imran left a Fortune-500 company a while ago to focus on Hiwrita to help individuals and businesses with their writing needs. Visit my complete profile at

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