Copywriting Masterclass Islamabad

Imran Khushal's Copywriting Masterclass - Islamabad

Whether you are learning to write to inform, to entertain or to persuade. Or altogether to become a professional copywriter.

This masterclass will help you write like a pro.

By the end of this class, you’ll be able to:
  • Know what is copywriting
  • How to plan you copy
  • How to write headlines
  • How to write sub-headlines
  • How to write body copy
  • How to write call to actions, CTA
  • How to revise, edit and proofread your copy
  • How to apply AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)

You’ll practice copywriting:

  • Ads copy
  • Sales pages
  • Self-promotion copy

And learn skills:

Prewriting ▪ writing ▪ Rewriting ▪ Editing ▪ Deep Editing ▪ Rephrasing ▪ Paraphrasing ▪ Proofreading ▪ Fact-checking ▪ Publishing


  • How to write your (or your clients) website?
  • How to market your copywriting business?
  • How to find copywriting work?
  • How to make yourself valuable?


If you make that far, I’ll teach how can you write for: Dawn, Express, The Daily Times, and Samaa TV.

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What people say?

I have read more than 25 books on copywriting. I had the data in my mind. And I was already paid for writing copy. But your class taught me the professional and practical way to do copywriting. All my previous knowledge started to make sense to me. the moments with you were priceless. You taught me how to walk with copywriting feet.
I have attended copywriting masterclass. It was pleasure to meet Mr. Imran Khushal CEO Hiwrita. Before this masterclass my knowledge about copywriting was very limited and I was not aware of its impact on branding and marketing. After the masterclass I am thinking to start my career as a copywriter.


100% of people who’ve attended this workshop say they’d recommend it to you. Read testimonials and reviews on Google and Facebook!


Most frequent questions and answers

This masterclass is for:

▪ Copywriters ▪ Bloggers ▪ Writers ▪ Freelancers ▪ Entrepreneurs ▪ Content creators ▪ Content marketers ▪ People wanting to improve their writing skills ▪ People wanting to grow their blogs ▪ People wanting to start a blogging business ▪ And anyone who’s interested in writing for web. 

You can register by clicking the color buttons on this page.

You can pay through:

Bank (Imran Khushal, HBL: 22537900940803)
Easypaisa ( Imran Khushal – 0333-5291193).

Don’t worry. I’ll accommodate the first five like you. Fill the form, mention your  excuse and I’ll let you know if you are among the five. 

After your masterclass you can get 100% organic feedback on your next 3 drafts within 3 weeks.

Yes, I’ll certify that you attended my class. You’ll get an e-certificate for participation.  

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With this message and mission, I work as a brand consultant, content strategist, and brand copywriter for SME’s.

I help my clients analyze and adjust their brand strategy, brand identity, and brand messaging to get the most out of their businesses.

Also, I write compelling branding and marketing copy and help them build their content strategy.



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